my many loves

As a lover of, and what you might call a dabbler in many things, I’ve continuously strained to find what I’m most passionate about. I’ve often struggled with hearing others discuss their passions in life, and found myself wondering what is my passion, what do I love THE VERY MOST?! Recently I’ve begun to discover that passion doesn’t necessarily mean that you must love one thing more than all others, and that if you allow it, your passion can be spread over many things, many opportunities, and many adventures in life. The more I’ve become accepting of this, the more I’ve begun to acknowledge the fact that I can be a lover of many things, and that there is room in my life for anything that I feel passionate about. This realization has also allowed me to discover the importance of my time, and the precious moments I am able to spend each day doing something that I truly love, and spending time with those who bring love and positivity into my life.

This journey of self-discovery began a few years ago, as a late 20-something, with no stable career after five years in university, and yet what seemed like no free time to do any of the things I truly enjoyed. To save you from the long and drawn out story, I ultimately made the decision to switch gears and re-focus on something I was excited about. I chose to put my teaching career on the back-burner and focus on building a career in nutrition and health. The decision didn’t happen quickly, or easily, and thankfully I had, and continue to have 100% support from my incredible husband.

So here I am, four years later, only a graduation ceremony away from earning my third degree, which may mean nothing to many of you, but to me it means a whole realm of things. It means I chose to do something scary, to take a risk and to work my ass off doing it. It means I’ve had the opportunity to meet some incredible people who I know will continue to be a part of my life, both as friends and as colleagues. It means that I have continued to learn about, and live a life surrounded by one of my life’s passions, and it means that soon I will have the opportunity to build a career in an area that I love. Although it can become discouraging at times, I must force myself to think back on what I have already been able to accomplish, and that as long as I continue to fuel my passions and spend those precious moments doing something I love, each decision I make and opportunity I embrace will enrich this experience that is my life!



a special time

These past nine months (plus some) have been a transition for Brent and I. We’ve spent endless hours prepping and getting ready for our little guy’s arrival. We’ve discussed how things will change, and how we’re looking forward to a new life, yet we’ve also shared in the excitement of how this little guy will become a new part of the life we’ve already created. We look forward to bringing the little guy along on our weekly visits to the Farmer’s Market, to sitting outside with him on the deck enjoying the beautiful sunsets, and bringing him along on our many adventures.

In the beginning, nine months seemed like such a long time away; however, it really has flown by (even though I’ve technically passed the nine month mark)! We were both more than happy to take a moment to enjoy this short flash of time in our lives known as pregnancy, and to document our excitement about the new life we had created.

We have known Tara, owner of Teee Photography for a number of years now, and she’s taken our family photos before, so it was a natural choice to have her document such an important part of our lives. Tara did an incredible job, and we can’t thank her enough!

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a place to grow

As I’ve mentioned before, I have a mild case of OCD (again, this is self-diagnosed and simply the best explanation I can come up with for my incessant need for things to be perfect and to be in their ‘proper place’). Combine this with the ‘nesting’ experienced by a pregnant woman…I don’t even think I have to go there.

Anyway, it’s been months since we first began our baby’s nursery, and yes, I know the nursery doesn’t really need to be done before baby arrives, as he’ll likely spend the first few months in his bassinet beside me. However, for my own sanity (and my husband’s as well, because he has to deal with me) I wanted to have a place for him that was complete, that was his own from day one.

From the moment I found out we were expecting (okay, maybe even before this), I had ideas of how this room would come together. My vision was a fun space that would grow with the little one, at least for the first few years. His room has become a combination of old and new, store bought and hand-made, and completely full of love!


Here’s a highlight of a few of my most favourite parts of this little guy’s very own place to grow.


The rocking horse pictured above was mine when I was a child. I was unaware that my parents had saved it, and was so happy to be able to incorporate it into this little guy’s nursery! The incredibly comfortable rocker was purchased from Children’s Furniture Galley – they have an amazing selection of Canadian made furniture available in a number of colours and patterns. The footstool was up-cycled from an old IKEA footstool. Although I’m not a sewer, I somehow managed to sew a new slip cover for the stool, and it didn’t turn out too badly!


The light fixture we chose from Home Depot makes a huge statement. I love the masculine, and slightly industrial feel it adds to the room. It also fit perfectly with our black and gold theme.


The painting pictured above is one that I did on my own – thanks to Peter Pan for the inspirational quote! The adorable moccasins were purchased from Oh Baby Boutique at the Western Fair Farmer’s Market here in London Ontario, and these incredibly soft bamboo swaddle blankets are by aiden + anais (available at Snuggle Bugz).


I love gallery walls, and this one was so much fun to put together! The cutest penguin print ever came from The Wild, a small business located in Hamilton, Ontario. The wooden arrow came from the Oh Baby Boutique and was made by Knock on Wood. We incorporated our amazing maternity photos done by Tara at Teee Photography, along with a couple of pieces of work done by myself. The open space beside the arrow has been left empty for a wooden letter, which will be added after Baby T-S’s name has been revealed!


The mobile was made by moi, thanks to Pinterest for the inspiration. The crochet mountains were made by Baby T-S’s auntie Brandy (she learned how to crochet just to make these). They were made with love, and filled with lavender, so they smell amazing!

Let me know what you think of the nursery, I’d love to hear the feedback!  Also, If you have any questions regarding any of the other pieces I haven’t mentioned specifically, please feel free to ask!